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Need to clean out your closets?  Have clothes and shoes you haven't worn in awhile?  Then our Clothes4Cash fundraiser is for you!  Please starting bringing in clothing, pairs of shoes, and linens (towels, blankets, sheets), in kitchen trash bags so we can start earning .25 per pound!  Items should be in good condition so that they can be used by someone else. Collection bins will be in the narthex through September 3rd.  Please contact Karlyna Macey or Jane Carlyle with any questions.


Discovering God's Vision for Your Life

You and Your Spiritual Gifts. This 4 week course begins July 20th from 6:30pm—9:00pm. Come join us as we find clues to our spiritual gifts through discovery activities and explore opportunities to further develop and use these gifts. A $16 registration will cover the cost of materials. Please contact Sharon Yagerlener or Patty Earnest.


Covenant Choir's Special Messiah Project

Only one Thursday a month from 7:30 - 9:00 PM. Next rehearsals will be on Saturday, May 2th and Thursday May 25th. Contact Cornel Radulescu, Director of Music Ministries at (949) 422-1546 or email him at coradu2003@yahoo.com.


Small Groups

Join a small group and grow together in community and your experience of faith. Call or email the church office for details (714-557-3340 or info@pccov.org).


Middle East Overtures for the PCUSA General Assembly

After reading and consideration, the Session of our church recently concurred with two overtures prepared for the General Assembly regarding the crisis in the middle east, especially in Syria and Labanon. The vote was unanimous and the result was taken up by the Presbytery of Los Ranchos at their last meeting. The vote there was also unanimous and Los Ranchos joined with five other presbyteries in supporting these proposals to the Assembly which is scheduled to meet in Portland, Oregon in June. Click the here below to view the text of these overtures. If you would like to see the background and rational, please ask in the church office.


Fortify our foundation logo PCC MASTER copyFortify Our Foundation Campaign

Ongoing Effort


Put our Heart into it! After many meetings, and many prayers, the PCC Task Force committee (Elders: Gwen Black, Jeff Leek, Chris Mansour, Corrie Allen) presented the current situation of our facility "House of God" at the congregation meeting Sunday February 7th. It needs repair and much TLC! It's been identified by our committee, that our house's roof, drainage, sewers, bathrooms, parking lot, flooring, paint, etc. needs our immediate attention. Because of the potential rains expected, "El Nino season" could cause further damage.


100% Participation of our PCC Family is the Focus. Small or Large, we encourage everyone to participate in this very important campaign "Fortify our Foundation"! Let's raise $300K in 3 years! Let's put your Heart into making a difference!


We need:

  • Your ideas
  • To decide what's next
  • To set a timeline
  • To set priorities
  • Your help!
Thank you all for being part of our PCC family. Each one of you make a difference! We can do this!

If anyone is interested in helping in ANYWAY, please contact anyone of our committee, Gwen Black, Jeff Leek, Chris Mansour or Corrie Allen. WE ARE PUTTING OUR HEARTS INTO MAKING A DIFFERENCE of the Future of PCC!


Join a Small Group for Bible study and special interests.

Check into one of our on-going small groups for Bible study, fellowship and growth opportunities.


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